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About Us:

The goal of Impress is to help you communicate your key messages through print and other media. We realize that getting your projects printed and distributed in a timely fashion with the quality and price that you are seeking can be a challenging quest. You no longer need to hire an expert in the printing arena; Impress is here to help you get your projects on time with in budget and with the quality that you seek.

As a minority owned and operated enterprise, Impress brings over 20 years of industry experience. This experience is employed to help your company be successful in developing a strategy for printing and deployment your company’s vital information. We will not only get your projects produced we will also make recommendations the will help you manage your total printing budget. Often times this will reduce cost while improving efficiencies.

Ph: 919.957.4159 | P. O. Box 13794, Research Triangle Park, NC 27709